Lindsey Graham Says He 'Looks Forward' to Meeting Erdogan Soon

Lindsey Graham Says He 'Looks Forward' to Meeting Erdogan Soon

The YPG is the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (their all-woman unit goes by the initials YPJ), America’s closest battlefield ally in Syria.

Graham’s statement follows reports indicating the U.S. military has removed some equipment from Syria, signaling the pullout ordered by President Donald Trump is now underway.

On December 19, President Trump announced that he was withdrawing all 2,000 American troops from the conflict-wracked country, citing the near total defeat of ISIS.

A strained morning of negotiation in Turkey, in which Erdogan refused to meet with Bolton, ended without assurances of protection for forces that fought alongside U.S. troops against the Islamic State group, and indeed brought them fresh new threats from Turkey.

A senior administration official said Erdogan’s comments did not reflect President Donald Trump’s understanding of his December 23 conversation with the Turkish leader, days after the U.S. president announced his intent to withdraw American troops from northeastern Syria.

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