Majority of Britons Support Trump Visit

Majority of Britons Support Trump Visit

In polling released just hours before the U.S. President is due to touch down in London, 50 per cent of Britons support Donald J. Trump’s UK visit going ahead.

“And the vast majority of those who think the government should be working with Donald Trump support the UK visit, regardless of their own views towards him.”

This positive working relationship with President Trump is vital for a post-Brexit trade deal — one that U.S. ambassador to the UK Robert “Woody” Johnson warned this week was “up in the air” after Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled her vision for a ‘soft’ Brexit which could hamper the making of any free trade deals in the future.

And as historic allies, President Trump is keen to extend the hand of friendship to Britain — which he considers part of his heritage due to his Scottish-born mother — and he frequently expresses his love for Britain and the people.

UK Trump supporters say London’s protesters do not reflect the views of regular Britons across the country who do support the President and value the Anglo-American relationship.

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