Margaret Thatcher Would Have Backed Trump on Climate

Margaret Thatcher Would Have Backed Trump on Climate

The Daily Mail has published a rubbish piece by Michael Howard, former leader of Britain’s Conservative party, attacking Donald Trump, claiming that man-made global warming is real and that Margaret Thatcher was a true believer.

The piece is headlined “30 years ago, Mrs Thatcher warned of man-made global warming.

So this piece by Michael Howard – Lord Howard of Lympne, as he now is.

Here we have – purportedly, at any rate – a former leader of the Conservative party attacking a conservative U.S. president for his pro-business, pro-market, pro-consumer, pro-science policies while praising the authoritarian government of China, one of the world’s biggest polluters and by far the biggest producer of industrial CO2 for all the propaganda it has produced telling everyone how good its green intentions are.

The subliminal message is “Your heroine Margaret Thatcher believed in climate change.

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