Matteo Salvini: Orderly Migration ‘the Only Antidote to Racism’

Matteo Salvini: Orderly Migration ‘the Only Antidote to Racism’

Uncontrolled immigration “leads to chaos, racism, and social conflict,” said Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in an interview on Friday, whereas the “only antidote to racism” is regulated migration.

Orderly immigration “guarantees the rights of both Italians and immigrants,” Salvini told La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana in an extensive interview, unlike the unchecked immigration of the past few years, which has resulted in “chaos.”

Mr. Salvini was asked how he explains the “unprecedented hostility” toward him from the Catholic establishment in Italy, notably the bishops conference and Catholic journals such as Famiglia Cristiana and Avvenire, who accuse the minister of xenophobia and racism.

“The beautiful thing is that after the cover of Famiglia Cristiana and the attacks from Avvenire I received a flood of letters from men and women of the Church who include their names, surnames, and addresses, encouraging me to go on as I have been.”

Breaking Ranks, Italian Bishop Blasts ‘Collective’ Trashing of Matteo Salvini — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) August 1, 2018

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