More Pro-EU Conservative MPs Defect to CUK Party, Tories Sink in Polls

More Pro-EU Conservative MPs Defect to CUK Party, Tories Sink in Polls

Two former Tory MPs, Stephen Dorrell and Neil Carmichael, have said they are leaving the Conservative Party in order to join the ultra-europhile splinter party Change UK (CUK), formed by eight Labour and three Conservative MPs who had left their former parties over issues including anti-Semitism in Labour and their handling of Brexit.

Writing in the left-wing Observer, Mr Dorrell, a former Health Secretary under 1990s prime minister John Major, claimed that the Conservative Party “has fallen progressively under the influence of an English nationalist outlook”, adding that “I shall continue to describe myself, as I always have, as a liberal Conservative but I shall do so in future as a supporter of Change UK – The Independent Group, which I believe has become the natural home of those who regard themselves, as I do, as the heirs of Disraeli, Churchill, Macmillan and Heath.”

Breakaway Pro-EU Labour and Tory MPs Form CUK Party — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) March 29, 2019

These polls are echoed in Westminster voting intention as well, in another sign of trouble for the Conservatives, who have fallen to third place in popularity among those who voted to Leave the EU behind UKIP and the Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party, co-founded by Nigel Farage, was formed in order to combat the poor handling of Brexit and to radically reform politics.

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