Never-ending Russia probe could fuel GOP's midterm message

Never-ending Russia probe could fuel GOP's midterm message

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe hits the one-year mark Thursday, Republicans in midterm elections have started to see an opportunity to use the Trump controversy to their advantage – by appealing to voters tired of the never-ending investigation.

“I think you could see others embrace that messaging because the states that are up in 2018 on the Senate side are super red,” one Republican strategist involved in the midterms told Fox News.

The strategist added: “I think Trump voters don’t think Mueller has anything, so that messaging could be impactful to rile up folks that sat out until 2016 to vote for Trump.”

During a debate in last month’s GOP primary in West Virginia, all three Republican candidates blasted the special counsel investigation into the Trump administration’s ties with Russia.

In Mississippi, Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel has also taken aim at the length of Mueller’s investigation.

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