Nigerian Man Advertises Free FGM 'Bonanza' on Facebook

Nigerian Man Advertises Free FGM 'Bonanza' on Facebook

A Nigerian man identifying himself as Alhaji Adebayo prompted outrage in Nigeria and beyond by posting graphic images of female genital mutilation on Facebook on January 3.

One of those activists later told CNN that Adebayo, who works in construction, was essentially trying to organize a charity that would provide female circumcision for low-income families.

Local officials said they were aware of complaints about his Facebook post, but are not investigating Adebayo because no formal criminal complaints have been filed against him.

The UK Daily Mail notes that when a Facebook commenter highlighted the graphic nature of the images, Adebayo said he did not know the identity of the children depicted, and contemptuously accused his correspondent of trying to blackmail him.

Female genital mutilation remains a huge problem in Nigeria, in part because the 2015 nationwide prohibition is effectively toothless until more state governments choose to ratify it.

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