No One 'More Ready' for SCOTUS than Amy Coney Barrett

No One 'More Ready' for SCOTUS than Amy Coney Barrett

Former Oakland Raiders Superbowl Champion and Utah’s fourth congressional district candidate Burgess Owens joined Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed the email evidence of corruption surrounding the Biden family ahead of election day.

“With someone as good as she is, she’s a Christian, she loves our country, she understands the history of our country,” Owens said.

“The other side hates her because she is for life.”

We hate our country, we hate life, we hate liberty, we hate having the ability to protect ourselves with firearms.

Owens also said he is “happy where we’re at” and commended President Trump on his nomination of Barrett and for keeping his promises of “bringing the best talent in our country to this particular place.”

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