North Korea Not Broadcasting Any Olympics Coverage So Far

North Korea Not Broadcasting Any Olympics Coverage So Far

The website 38 North, a North Korean watchdog group, reported on Monday:

The North Korean government controls all television and radio broadcasts, and live broadcasts are almost non-existent, according to Jean H. Lee, a global fellow with the Wilson Center and a former journalist who set up Associated Press’ bureau in Pyongyang in 2011, who spoke to CNBC.

As with other states where the media is state-controlled, the North Korean regime views broadcasting mainly as a means through which to disseminate propaganda and to extol the benefits and might of the state.

CNBC cited a 2016 U.S. State Department report on human rights abuses and censorship in North Korea, including a death sentence for viewing foreign films:

Despite favorable coverage in the South Korean media that largely ignored the horrors inflicted on North Koreans by Kim’s regime, many ordinary South Koreans were skeptical of the North’s motives.

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