Obama Education Chief on Do-Over: ‘I Would Push Even Harder’ for Common Core

Obama Education Chief on Do-Over: ‘I Would Push Even Harder’ for Common Core

According to Education Week’s report on Duncan’s book – How Schools Work: An Inside Account of Failure and Success From One of the Nation’s Longest Serving Secretaries of Education– the former secretary isn’t sorry the Obama administration pushed for big changes all at once.

Regarding Race to the Top, the competitive grant program inserted into Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill that incentivized states to adopt Common Core, Duncan says the program “changed the education landscape in America … Since Race to the Top, 46 states and the Washington, D.C., [school system] … have either adopted common core or developed their own high standards.”

Duncan asserts his failing was not in pushing Common Core on the country, but in his poor communication about Race to the Top and the nationalized standards.

In fact, while the Obama administration was lambasted by the right for pushing the federal government further into education policy with Race to the Top and Common Core, the left – specifically, teachers unions – criticized the administration’s demand that teachers be evaluated, in part, by the performance of students on tests aligned with the Common Core.

In a statement soon after, the American Federation of Teachers claimed Duncan “has failed to bring parents, students, teachers and community members together to improve the quality of public education for all children, and he has promoted misguided and ineffective policies on ….

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