Paul Ryan's Republicanism Tanks at the Ballot Box. Again

Paul Ryan's Republicanism Tanks at the Ballot Box. Again

The night before the midterm elections, House Speaker Paul Ryan touted “tax reform 2.0,” the economy, and the rebuilding of the United States military as the agenda accomplishments of the Republican-controlled Congress.

Despite President Trump winning the 2016 presidential election with a populist message on healthcare and a nationalist message on immigration, Ryan and the Republican Congress failed to deliver reforms on either of the issues.

Even with a terrorist attack suspected to have been committed by a foreign national who arrived in the U.S. on the Visa Lottery program, Ryan’s GOP Congress did not make any reforms to the country’s immigration system.

Thus, the first year of Trump ended with no successful legislative agenda from Ryan and the Republicans on immigration or health care.

Months later, in April of this year, the Republicans came upon a moment to secure full funding for Trump’s proposed border wall.

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