Photo of China's 'Ice Boy,' Frozen on a Walk to School, Goes Viral

Photo of China's 'Ice Boy,' Frozen on a Walk to School, Goes Viral

A photo of a young Chinese boy has gone viral in the country, as he arrived in school with a frozen face and hair after walking through the frigid rural cold, The South China Morning Post reports.

Chinese media claim that the photo has prompted thousands of donations to the boy’s school.

Reports in December quoted social media posts from rural communities where residents protested that they had to sacrifice to adhere to the environmental whims of the Communist Party.

That month, the communist government was forced to reverse a ban on coal to help ease the pressure of sub-zero temperatures, while many people are paying double the price for natural gas to heat their homes.

“While parents in first-tier cities pour tens of thousands of yuan into sending their children to extracurricular classes and summer camps, rural pupils make a grueling trek to a classroom that, in most cases, has no heating in winter – the only place for them to access knowledge,” it continues.

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