Police Launch Latest Murder Probe

Police Launch Latest Murder Probe

Police have launched a murder investigation relating to the second London knife attack in just one night, days after Mayor Sadiq Khan announced plans to treat violence in the capital as a “public health” issue.

At just before 1 am on Saturday morning, officers were called to a fight at a flat in Stamford Hill, north London, where they found two males suffering stab wounds.

A 20-year-old was pronounced dead at 4.30am after he and a 17-year-old, whose condition “is not believed to be serious” were rushed to hospital, according to a statement from the London Metropolitan Police.

London has seen not only its murder rate surge but has also recorded huge rises in other ‘high harm’ crimes including acid attacks, shootings, rape, and knife crime under its Labour mayor, who insists the worrying trend is down to “police cuts” mandated by the government.

Against the backdrop of his sinking poll numbers, as London residents grow increasingly concerned over the capital’s crime figures, Khan this week announced the city would take a “public health” approach to the violence, treating knife violence like a “disease”.

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