Policeman, Jeweler Recreate Veteran's Lost Wedding Ring

Policeman, Jeweler Recreate Veteran's Lost Wedding Ring

A U.S. Army veteran in Irvine, California, received a special gift from two men after his unique wedding ring went missing in June 2019.

When 89-year-old David Eaton married the love of his life in 1987, he had a local jeweler named Gabriela Hebin create several custom pieces for him and his wife, Babette, according to ABC 7.

One of those pieces was Eaton’s gold wedding ring, shaped to look like a Bavarian castle with a diamond in its tower.

Although Hebin was no longer a jeweler, she gave the mold to Officer Smith so he could have it re-created by Harry Mardirossian of MacTavish Jewelers in Irvine.

When Mardirossian asked him, “Did your ring look something like this?” and showed him the gold wedding band, Eaton was shocked.

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