Pollak: CNN Wants White Children to See Race, Not to 'Be Kind to Everyone'

Pollak: CNN Wants White Children to See Race, Not to 'Be Kind to Everyone'

CNN published an op-ed on Thursday that advises the parents of white children to begin educating them to notice racial differences at an early age — “constantly going out of our way to name differences” — rather than teaching them simply to “be kind to everyone.”

Parents of white children must also bring them to social spaces “where they aren’t in the overwhelming racial majority,” and teach them about “more people of color freedom fighters than the few they hear about at school” to encourage “antiracist behaviors.”

CNN often accuses President Donald Trump of racism and of dividing Americans by race, often on the basis of its own imaginings, such as the (false) claim he only refers to black people, e.g.

By that standard, CNN is guilty — not just offering a “sort of encouragement” for racism, but actively publishing racist content like Harvey’s article, which explicitly urges indoctrinating white children with left-wing racial consciousness.

The next time CNN tries to impute racial views and racial motives to Trump and his supporters — particularly this weekend, on the anniversary of Charlottesville — remember they are guilty of exactly what they accuse the president, falsely, of doing to America.

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