Portugal Wants China to 'Take Advantage' of Its Strategic Atlantic Ports

Portugal Wants China to 'Take Advantage' of Its Strategic Atlantic Ports

In an interview published by state-run outlet China Daily on Wednesday, Portuguese Ambassador to China Jose Augusto Duarte said his government was open to expanding China’s role in its economy and expected that its access to the ocean would make it an attractive trading partner.

“Portugal enjoys a strategic geographic position and excellent relations with Europe, Africa and Latin America,” the newspaper quotes Duarte as saying.

“We should seize the opportunities provided by the BRI to expand and strengthen cooperation on existing projects, make good use of the China International Import Expo and other platforms to increase two-way trade, explore more cooperation opportunities in port development, automobiles, new energy, finance and other fields, and step up third-party cooperation to seek mutual benefit in a wider scope,” the Chinese leader insisted.

“We need to strengthen our Blue Partnership, facilitate cooperation in marine research, ocean development and protection, port logistics and other areas, and grow blue economy together to better harness the vast ocean to the benefit of our future generations.”

“The possible signing of an MOU with Portugal would have significant meaning for the promotion of the BRI in South Europe, which would be an example for more European countries to join BRI,” the Chinese state-run Global Times quotes Chinese researcher Zhang Bei as stating.

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