Progressives Sneer As Soccer Becomes a ‘World Festival of Nationalism’

Progressives Sneer As Soccer Becomes a ‘World Festival of Nationalism’

American progressives use the World Cup soccer tournament for multiculturalist virtue-signaling, as an opportunity for them to sneer at the lowbrow Middle America who ignore an international sport that drives the rest of the world bonkers.

Sports culture is organically tribal, a culture built naturally from the ground up by generations of fans — and that makes it a natural enemy of the postgraduate class who think they should be in charge because they are so smart.

The goal is to ensure that political activists get a share of everything — including non-political sports and beauty contests.

If stripped of their power to organize their community, ideals, and civic life as they prefer, ordinary people will be turned into worker bees, endlessly following the rules set by their SAT-superiors.

As sports fans demonstrate, nationalism flows from the natural human tribal instinct, coupled with the very sensible suspicion that authority becomes less responsive to individual need as it grows larger.

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