Raw 'Roseanne' Tackles America's Deadly Opioid Crisis

Raw 'Roseanne' Tackles America's Deadly Opioid Crisis

The latest episode of ‘Roseanne’ confronts America’s deadly opioid overdose epidemic and sees the eponymous star struggling to overcome her addiction to Vicodin.

Suffering from intense knee pain, an aging Roseanne’s scheme of hiding pain pills “all over the house” is discovered by her husband, Dan (John Goodman) in the episode, titled, “Netflix and Pill.”

“Not until I get a pill,” Roseanne responds.

“Wow, that’s a lot of pills, Dan.

The Popular ABC comedy’s sober approach to America’s deadly drug addiction crisis is but the latest examples of the revived sitcom’s willingness to tackle topical issues with an iconic blue-collar comedy flare.

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