Reese: Sweat More, Bleed Less, Protect What Your Love

Reese: Sweat More, Bleed Less, Protect What Your Love

While my conviction as an oath-taker was no less resolute after eight years of Marine Corps service, it took good friend, law enforcement officer, and expert personal defense instructor Rob Pincus’ four words, “protect what you love,” to truly internalize the depth and breadth of that oath’s meaning in my personal life—honestly, it is the epitome of K.I.S.S.

While I had not found the right words, Pincus summed up the conviction behind both the oath and why I carry a concealed firearm with “Protect what you love.” The impact and weight of the statement, as a husband, father, and responsible citizen, were not lost on me; in fact, I suspect these four principled words are the root of the reason most people exercise their right to bear arms, even if it takes someone like Pincus to simplify our cause—we love liberty, rights, our nation, our families, our future, and, believe it or not, each other.

In our civilian world, the string of violent crimes like home invasions, homicides, school shootings, assaults, car-jackings, armed robberies, and domestic violence are seemingly never-ending, and the themes, eerily familiar, as they relate to victims’ inability, for whatever reason the reason, including gun-free zones, to protect themselves.

Sure, we have a right to bear arms, but with that right we have a responsibility to protect what we love.

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