Report: Multiple Google Employees Quit over Pentagon Drone Contract

Report: Multiple Google Employees Quit over Pentagon Drone Contract

Approximately a dozen Google employees have reportedly quit the company in protest over a new drone contract that Google signed with the Pentagon.

Thousands of Google employees signed a petition stating that they oppose the company’s new project, now approximately a dozen employees have quit.

The employees that chose to quit the company reportedly left memos to colleagues explaining their decisions, which ranged from ethical issues relating to Google helping the U.S. Military to issues with Google slowly losing public trust.

An internal petition signed by approximately 4,000 Google employees reads: “While this eliminates a narrow set of direct applications, the technology is being built for the military, and once it’s delivered it could easily be used to assist in these tasks.” Google has also made the issue more serious by allegedly not being entirely forthcoming about their involvement in Project Maven.

Another petition from the Tech Workers Coalition reads: “We believe that tech companies should not be in the business of war, and that we as tech workers must adopt binding ethical standards for the use of AI that will let us build the world we believe in.”

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