Run on Coronavirus ‘Bonus’ Crashes Italian Social Security Website

Run on Coronavirus ‘Bonus’ Crashes Italian Social Security Website

ROME — Hundreds of thousands of Italians raced to apply for a 600-euro coronavirus bonus Wednesday, crashing the website for Italian social security (INPS).

The Italian government has offered 600 euros of “emergency income” to self-employed workers with an annual income below €35,000, which was to become available Wednesday by filing an application on the nation’s social security website.

Before the site went offline, however, many people attempting to apply for the bonus were able to see the applications of other users, which included personal data.

On Thursday, INPS announced that people wanting to access its service would be able to do so according to a new schedule divided according to the type of applicant to avoid over-congesting the site.

Citizens requesting the €600 bonus can begin accessing the site as of 4:00pm Thursday.

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