Russia and China Alarmed by Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Proposal

Russia and China Alarmed by Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Proposal

“China always advocates the peaceful use of outer space and opposes the placement of weapons and an arms race in outer space.

It should be noted that the reporter who asked the question tangentially mentioned China’s own militarization of space and asked if Beijing would support an international convention banning military forces in space, but Geng unsurprisingly decided not to address those points.

“A military confrontation in outer space could have the same destructive effects as the nuclear race into which the United States plunged the world after WWII,” she added.

Zakharova denied the Pentagon’s assertions that Russia is among the countries working on weapons that could attack the American satellite network.

One of the arguments made in favor of the “space force” concept is that public attention has not been properly focused on the military threat posed by Russia and China in space, making it far too easy for spokespeople like Geng and Zakharova to deny their countries have space weapons programs.

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