Russia Wavered in Allegedly Favoring Trump Over Hillary

Russia Wavered in Allegedly Favoring Trump Over Hillary

At first, Clapper writes that Russia simply opposed Hillary Clinton and didn’t favor one Republican presidential candidate.

Toward the final stretch of the presidential campaign, with Trump’s poll numbers falling, Clapper wrote that Russia shifted its position away from aiding Trump and focused mainly on opposing Hillary, even allegedly providing Green Party candidate Jill Stein with more favorable coverage.

After that, Clapper writes that Russia shifted its alleged efforts to defeating Clinton instead of purportedly promoting Trump and that direction did not change throughout the election.

He even writes that Russia allegedly gave Jill Stein more favorable coverage than Trump during that time.

None of those details of Russia’s alleged wavering on working for a Trump victory, however, made it into the IC report released by Clapper’s office alleging the Russians clearly worked to elect Trump, whom they favored.

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