Ryan: President Trump Supports My Immigration Plan

Ryan: President Trump Supports My Immigration Plan

House Speaker Paul Ryan and his aides are claiming that President Donald Trump supports his plan to hold two amnesty votes next week.

Ryan’s bill would implement only part of Trump’s ‘four pillars’ immigration reform, would quickly paralyze enforcement of immigration law against illegals, and would also sharply increase the annual inflow of foreign college-graduates for professional jobs sought by Americans, according to details leaked to Breitbart News.

However, Trump has reportedly endorsed Ryan’s legislative strategy of holding a rushed vote on the two amnesty bills next week — but not Ryan’s amnesty bill.

In a 2013 presentation with amnesty advocate Rep. Luis Gutierrez, for example, Ryan said he favored an “open door” immigration policy that would allow businesses to freely hire foreign workers at lower wages than sought by American college-graduates and blue-collar workers.

ABIC promotes sensible immigration reform that supports the economy of the United States, provides American companies with both the high-skilled and low-skilled talent they need, and allows the integration of immigrants into our economy as consumers, workers, entrepreneurs and citizens.

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