Shoot Female Communist Terrorists in the 'Vagina'

Shoot Female Communist Terrorists in the 'Vagina'

“He is pushing the fascist AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] to commit more bloody human rights violations and grave abuses of international humanitarian law, and takes state terrorism against women and the people to a whole new level,” they continued.

“It encourages state forces to commit sexual violence during armed conflict, which is a violation of international humanitarian law,” the statement added.

The Communist Party and NPA have been active since 1968, killing police, soldiers, and officials through guerilla tactics and bombings.

Duterte attempted to broker a peace deal with the communists that fell through when they insisted on continuing to kill Philippine police.

As well as condemnation for his often crude and violent remarks, international organizations have become increasingly concerned over growing evidence that Duterte’s forces have engaged in repeated human rights abuses as part of the wider crackdown on communists, drug dealers, and the Islamic State that has already left 7,000 people dead.

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