Tacitus: Why President Trump Must Stand Firm in Wall Funding Fight

Tacitus: Why President Trump Must Stand Firm in Wall Funding Fight

There is no obligation, in law or common law or even by inference, for any government to defend the aspirations of people who are nationals of other countries, or to prioritize those aspirations over the aspirations of its own citizens.

The American people never voted for open borders, for globalism, and for the surrender of their national sovereignty.

We know how this was done: trade deals which favored multinational corporations over U.S. citizens, shipping jobs overseas, ignoring the ever-growing illegal alien population (now estimated to be in excess of 20,000,000) which has driven down wages and expropriated entire sectors of the economy (i.e., meat packing, landscaping, etc).

In addition to these deleterious effects on the American people, U.S. citizens are being killed by illegal aliens at an alarming rate due to DUI deaths, overdose deaths from massive drug smuggling, and by outright murder.

Despite perfunctory lip service, these people want open borders, ineffectual border security, mass migration, multiculturalism, multilingualism, and globalism.

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