The End? MPs Tell Theresa May to 'Bring Her Own Noose' to Meeting

The End? MPs Tell Theresa May to 'Bring Her Own Noose' to Meeting

Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister may be coming to an end, with MPs telling her to “bring her own noose” to a crunch meeting on Wednesday as former Brexit Secretary David Davis sets out his leadership stall.

Theresa May was already under pressure over her many concessions to the European Union and attempts to agree a so-called ‘backstop’ with the bloc, which would keep the United Kingdom inside the EU Customs Union in order to avoid customs checks between the British province of Northern Ireland and the EU’s Republic of Ireland — effectively stopping the country from making new global trade deals after Brexit.

Her latest proposal to extend a proposed ‘transition period’ with the EU, during which Britain will remain subject to Brussels but lose all of its representation in EU institutions, appears to have been the final straw, costing her support among both the Brexiteer and Remainer wings of the Tory Party.

Meanwhile, former Brexit Secretary David Davis, who resigned from Theresa May’s Cabinet after she unveiled her Chequers plan for the EU negotiations — which he believes would not restore Britain’s sovereignty in a meaningful way — has published a column widely interpreted as a preliminary leadership bid, as it sets out how the direction he would take the negotiations with Brussels if it was up to him.

The “better course” Davis argues for would be no-holds-barred, with Britain dramatically stepping up preparations for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and meeting the EU threat for threat on claims that, for example, flights between Britain and the EU could be grounded if a treaty favouring Brussels is not signed.

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