The Good Censor: How Logan Paul Ended Internet Freedom

The Good Censor: How Logan Paul Ended Internet Freedom

In a leaked 85-page document titled “The Good Censor” exclusively published by Breitbart New, Google names YouTube star Logan Paul as a factor that has led to an increase in social media censorship.

One section of the 85-page internal Google document leaked to Breitbart News claims that free speech is a “utopian narrative.” It then lists YouTube star Logan Paul as one of the reasons that Google has cracked down on free speech online.

According to Google, these global events is the Ferguson riots, the election of President Trump, violence between rebels and Indian authorities in Kashmir, the “rise of the alt-right” and YouTube Star Logan Paul.

Google discusses this in their document stating: “Hugely popular Youtuber, Logan Paul drew criticism for an insensitive clip of him seeing a suicide victim in Aokigahara forest, Japan.

While Google claims that Paul’s activity raised the questions of whether YouTube was “putting profit before people,” it would appear that YouTube had few qualms with continuing to facilitate Paul’s profit.

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