Tommy Robinson Brands Paypal Ban 'Fascism' After It Stops Payments

Tommy Robinson Brands Paypal Ban 'Fascism' After It Stops Payments

Citizen journalist and activist Tommy Robinson has branded Paypal’s decision to stop processing his payments “fascism,” saying the company is trying to “silence” him.

Paypal confirmed that it had stopped handling payments for the founder and former member of the English Defence League, saying that while it could not comment on individual account holders, it says it regularly reviews accounts to check they are abiding by their ‘acceptable use’ policy.

In response to the ban, Mr Robinson said, “They just don’t like my opinion and want to silence me.”

Mr Robinson, who was also banned from Twitter in May, has recently been freed from his bail restrictions whilst awaiting his next court appearance for contempt of court.

The citizen journalist was bailed following successfully challenging his contempt of court conviction.

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