Trump an 'Enemy of Mankind' For 'Shithole' Comment

Trump an 'Enemy of Mankind' For 'Shithole' Comment

In an op-ed for the left-wing Time, actor Sean Penn blasted President Trump as an “enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born.

It takes nearly 1,000 self-aggrandizing words before Penn takes on the president.

Nowhere, however, does Penn reveal that Trump denies making the “shithole” comments about Haiti.

And naturally, like the rest of our media, Penn spreads the fake news that Trump’s comments were racist, even though the left-wing Washington Post reports that Trump wants to increase immigration from “Asian countries” — an idea that would make him the most inept white supremacist ever.

Moreover, nowhere does Penn bother to take a breath from his prose of purple to suggest that, in a private conversation, there is absolutely nothing morally wrong with using this kind of shorthand language to describe a backwards country with an infrastructure so bad 300,000 innocent people needlessly died in an earthquake.

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