Trump Judges and Justice Department Reject School Racial Preferences

Trump Judges and Justice Department Reject School Racial Preferences

“For every person you ‘help’ due to race, you necessarily hurt another person due to race,” Trump-appointed Judge James Ho recently explained in a Louisiana case, as the president’s Justice Department also fights Harvard’s discrimination in Massachusetts against Asian Americans.

Students for Fair Admissions is a group suing Harvard for discriminating against Asian student applicants on the basis of race in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, a lawsuit in which the Trump-Sessions Department of Justice is takingthe side of the Asian applicants.

“Indeed, the Supreme Court has provided two recent signals suggesting that we should generally be loath to impose racial balancing obligations on institutions that, like Delta, have never been found guilty of engaging in racial discrimination,” the judge continued, quoting Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinions for the Court from both of those cases.

The Louisiana charter school case is Smith v. School Board of Concordia Parish, No.

The Harvard admissions case is Students for Fair Admissions v. President & Fellows of Harvard College, No.

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