Trump Keeps Iran Nuclear Deal But Still Wants Changes

Trump Keeps Iran Nuclear Deal But Still Wants Changes

The Iran nuclear deal survived its latest 90-day review, despite President Trump’s frequent criticisms of the arrangement and requests for alternatives from his advisers, and the Trump administration’s strong criticism of the Iranian government’s crackdown on the recent popular uprising.

Sources told Reuters the president remains strongly critical of the nuclear deal, but his advisers persuaded him to continue renewing the sanctions waiver.

“Those types of sanctions are not covered under the agreement the United States and other world powers reached with Iran in 2015, and President Barack Obama also imposed additional non-nuclear sanctions on Iran after the deal was implemented,” the Post pointed out.

Not only is that a self-refuting argument, because the JCPOA would be unnecessary if Iran honored agreements like the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but the Trump administration is talking about imposing additional sanctions because Iran is flagrantly violating U.N. resolutions against its ballistic missile program.

Most of these complexities work against the United States, as Trump frequently complains, but Patty notes there is one uncomfortable detail for Iran to contend with: if Tehran tries arguing that new Trump administration sanctions against its ballistic missile program violate the JCPOA, because those missiles are linked to its nuclear program and nuclear sanctions are forbidden under the deal, it will have to abandon the pretense that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful and has no weapons applications.

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