Trump Will Shrink OPT Foreign Worker Program

Trump Will Shrink OPT Foreign Worker Program

President Donald Trump is expected to shrink a huge work permit program that quietly allows companies to hire foreign employees for the jobs needed by U.S. graduates in the coronavirus crash, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Still, the resident population of legal OPT employees is smaller than the H-1B program, which keeps roughly 750,000 foreign employees in a wide variety of white-collar jobs throughout the United States.

For example, the OPT program and its sister program — the Curricular Practical Training program — provides companies in coastal states with hundreds of thousands of tax-subsidized trained employees.

Supporters of the OPT foreign-employee scheme release data showing OPT sends jobs & wealth to wealthy, coastal states.

The Optional Practical Training program allows 300K++ foreigners to buy work permits via colleges, so denying good starter jobs to US grads#H1B — Neil Munro (@NeilMunroDC) May 22, 2020

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