U.S. Elites Can Correct Mistakes on China

U.S. Elites Can Correct Mistakes on China

The “foreign policy blob” backed by think tanks and corporations alike would have you believe that President Richard Nixon’s framework toward normalizing relations with China was a success but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Despite warnings, in 2000, outgoing President Bill Clinton and Congress continued prioritizing cheap labor over the American supply chain and the threat of an increasingly authoritative China by extending “permanent normal trade relations” to China.

China’s lies and deceit have resulted in people losing their loved ones and, instead of determining how to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable, some of our elected officials are busy talking about how racism is causing Americans to not eat Chinese food.

The framework of dramatically expanding economic and political ties with China while turning a blind eye to the Chinese Communist Party’s ruthless behavior has set the stage for this crisis and allowed China the global supply chain hegemony they threaten us with today.

Hawley has introduced the Medical Supply Chain Security Act and Cotton the Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act.

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