U.S. Immigrant Numbers Hit 44.5 Million, Break 108-Year Record

U.S. Immigrant Numbers Hit 44.5 Million, Break 108-Year Record

That 44.5 million includes roughly 22 million naturalized citizens, 11 million other residents, including more than 1.5 million foreign temporary visa-workers, plus roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, according to the bureau:

European farms tend to buy labor-saving machines from well-paid European manufacturing workers because their farmworkers’ wages are high, but many U.S. farm companies simply use cheap legal and illegal immigrant labor while sharing the savings from not buying machines between profit-seeking investors and penny-counting consumers.

So there’s plenty of data to shows that Congress’ passage of the 1965 law which created this huge migration has since shifted a huge volume of wealth from younger, working Americans towards the older Americans who own real-estate, stocks, or companies.

Yet Smith is silent about the flip-side of immigration cuts — the impact of the 1965 immigration expansion law, which has raised the nation’s number of consumers, renters, and workers by roughly one-sixth.

Overall, the Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via immigration shifts wealth from young people towards older people by flooding the market with cheap white-collar and blue-collar foreign labor.

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