U.S. Indictment Accuses Huawei of Stealing Trade Secrets

U.S. Indictment Accuses Huawei of Stealing Trade Secrets

The defendants include subsidiaries Huawei Device Co. Ltd, Huawei Device USA Inc., Futurewei Technologies Inc., and Skycom Tech Co. Ltd.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) wrote of “alleged decades-long efforts by Huawei, and several of its subsidiaries, both in the U.S. and in the People’s Republic of China, to misappropriate intellectual property, including from six U.S. technology companies, in an effort to grow and operate Huawei’s business.”

“The misappropriated intellectual property included trade secret information and copyrighted works, such as source code and user manuals for internet routers, antenna technology and robot testing technology.

Huawei, Huawei USA and Futurewei agreed to reinvest the proceeds of this alleged racketeering activity in Huawei’s worldwide business, including in the United States,” DOJ continued.

DOJ also charged Huawei with working on projects that included nations sanctioned by the United States, European Union, and United Nations, including Iran and North Korea.

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