Uber HR Executive Resigns Following Discrimination Probe

Uber HR Executive Resigns Following Discrimination Probe

Uber’s Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey has resigned from the company via email following an investigation into her handling of racial discrimination allegations.

Reuters reports that Uber’s Chief People Officer, Liane Hornsey, has resigned from the company in an email sent to staff.

An anonymous group, which claims to be comprised of minorities working within Uber, told Reuters that Hornsey made derogatory comments about Uber’s Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Bernard Coleman, and was directly responsible for the departure of executive Bozoma Saint John in June.

Anonymous employees told Reuters: “This person [Hornsey] ultimately was the reason behind (Saint John’s) departure from Uber.” Saint John declined to comment on her departure telling Reuters: “I don’t have anything to say about my experience there.”

Transport for London, a regulatory body that deals with companies such as Uber in London, England stated that Uber was not a “fit and proper” to operate in the city recently.

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