UConn Professor Mad that Female Students Don't Feel Oppressed

UConn Professor Mad that Female Students Don't Feel Oppressed

A professor at the University of Connecticut is concerned that too few American women feel oppressed.

In an academic study first highlighted by Toni Airaksinen of Campus Reform, UConn Professor Cristina Mogro-Wilson expressed her dismay over the lack of young females who don’t feel that they are oppressed in American society.

She makes clear that the respondent’s overwhelming responses did nothing to open her eyes to the reality she may personally overestimate the level of oppression experienced by American women.

Instead, she argues that the results of the survey indicate that American women need to be better educated on the issues that they face in society today.

Some might suggest that Mogro-Wilson’s argument that the female respondents need to be educated on female issues is sexist because it implies that these women aren’t able to come to their own conclusions about their status in modern society.

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