Unelected Justices Substitute Own Policy Preferences for People

Unelected Justices Substitute Own Policy Preferences for People

The Democrat lawmaker who sponsored the Louisiana abortion health and safety law that was struck down by the Supreme Court Monday condemned the ruling, saying, “unelected justices have substituted their policy preferences over the clear will of the people of my great state.”

The Louisiana law would have required abortionists to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals to facilitate continuity of care in the event of emergencies.

“With this ruling, the Supreme Court has affirmed that abortion in the United States is no longer safe, legal or rare,” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington, adding that “historians will look on this ruling with the same disdain as prior Supreme Court rulings that upheld slavery – incorrect and incomprehensible.”

The Louisiana abortion safety law would have required doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

The project was organized by the pro-life Radiance Foundation, with its creative officer Ryan Bomberger, and with input from Civil Rights for the Unborn, the National Black Pro-Life Union, the Frederick Douglass Foundation and the Douglass Leadership Institute.

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