UNESCO World Heritage Sites Imperiled by ‘Climate Change’

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Imperiled by ‘Climate Change’

“You’ve got a lot of traveling to do if you’re going to see some of the historical wonders of the world before climate change further damages them,” the article warns, adding that flood risk “may increase” by 50 percent and erosion risk by 13 percent in the area by the year 2100, “with considerably higher increases at specific World Heritage sites.”

Since no data is available on future events (for obvious reasons), the researchers assessed the danger for Mediterranean cultural World Heritage Sites (WHS) by resorting to predictions based on models of possible future scenarios.

Researchers combined flood area and flood depth and “found the flood risk index under the worst-case scenario to increase by up to 50% until 2100 across the region,” CNN declares, while the maximum flood depth “may rise by 290% across the region.”

The researchers seem to take for granted that if sea level rises, climate change must be behind it.

And yet, while describing the dangers faced by the Italian city of Venice from rising sea levels, CNN inadvertently concedes that this is nothing new and can hardly be blamed on “climate change.”

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