Unseal the Clinton Impeachment Files Now

Unseal the Clinton Impeachment Files Now

The evidence supporting his impeachment was contained in the Report delivered to the House on September 9, 1998, prepared by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and his staff of investigators and attorneys.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made clear the moment Trump introduced Judge Kavanaugh as his choice to succeed Justice Kennedy, that the Democrat Party will employ every trick and tool at its disposal to deny Kavanaugh confirmation in the closely divided Senate.

As in past battles waged by the Democrats against Supreme Court nominees offered by Republican Presidents, beginning with Robert Bork in 1987 and Clarence Thomas four years later, the Minority Party has made crystal clear it will employ a scorched earth strategy; in which neither factual accuracy nor policy relevance will play a role.

The Independent Counsel Report laid out the evidence showing that Clinton engaged in offenses impeachable under Article I of the Constitution.

Unless the evidence in the sealed files is made available to defend against such charges, Judge Kavanaugh and those defending his nomination will be at a severe disadvantage; and he may become the latest victim of a process of secrecy and caution that permitted a sexual predator and perjurer to escape justice two decades ago.

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