Utah Teen Caused Car Accident Playing 'Bird Box Challenge'

Utah Teen Caused Car Accident Playing 'Bird Box Challenge'

Police in Layton, Utah, said a teenager participating in the “Bird Box Challenge” caused a two-car crash last Monday.

The teenager reportedly covered her eyes while driving, then veered into oncoming traffic and smashed into another car, Fox Salt Lake City reported.

Lt. Travis Lyman of the Layton, Utah, Police Department, said the 17-year-old girl and her 16-year-old male passenger decided to take the challenge while she was driving, and she ended up driving her pickup into another car.

“Honestly I’m almost embarrassed to have to say, ‘Don’t drive with your eyes covered,’ but you know apparently, we do have to say that,” Lt. Lyman said.

Police have recommended reckless driving charges should be filed against the teen driver, but the case may also bring further charges from the County Attorney’s Office.

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