Voting for Democrats Is 'Voting for Open Borders Craziness'

Voting for Democrats Is 'Voting for Open Borders Craziness'

Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle joined One America News Network’s Graham Ledger on Thursday evening to discuss the left’s open borders agenda and the importance of the upcoming midterm elections.

In the interview, Boyle explained that President Donald Trump and Republicans have undone the catch-and-release open borders executive policies that the previous administration had implemented under former President Barack Obama and why the midterm elections are so important.

Boyle and Ledger discussed how the Trump administration is stopping catch and release.

“It’s the Trump administration that’s cleaning this up the best that they can, and, hopefully, the Democrats will stop their open borders radicalism, but as we see the Democratic Party lurch further and further to the left, they aren’t doing that,” Boyle said.

“This gets back to why this midterm election is so important.It’s why it’s important that people vote for Republicans and not Democrats,” Boyle said.

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