Warren vows $1T for communities hit hard by industrial pollution

Warren vows $1T for communities hit hard by industrial pollution

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren announced a plan Wednesday to send at least $1 trillion – of her $3 trillion climate plan – to communities hit hard by industrial pollution, particularly low-income areas and communities of color.

In line with her overarching campaign to end corruption in Washington, Warren calls the pollution in these communities a result of “decades of discrimination and environmental racism,” saying it is “unacceptable and it must change.”

Warren also calls for investing in the nation’s public water systems, ending the privatization of those systems and enforcing water quality standards.

Her climate policy claims that an added corporate profit tax, as well as reversing part of the Trump administration's tax cuts, would finance the programs.

This includes reinstituting the Superfund Waste Tax, which ensures hazardous waste sites are properly cleaned up and expired in 1995.

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