‘We Must Protect’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘at Any Cost’

‘We Must Protect’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘at Any Cost’

ABC Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel expressed concern over the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg was taken to hospital on Thursday, declaring that she needs to stay on the court for “another 80 years.”

Such a decision would allow President Donald Trump to appoint, and likely have confirmed, a third Supreme Court Justice within his first two years in office.

“For obvious reasons, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is someone we need to protect at all cost,” Jimmy Kimmel said during his monologue on Thursday.

“We’ve been developing this over the last year,” Kimmel continued, showing the audience what he described as the “Ruth Bader Gins-bubble” designed to protect her from harm.

“We’re sending this to Washington to protect Justice Ginsburg from injuries, for criminals, from bears — this thing is actually grizzly bear-proof.”

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