'Who Drew It?' Trump Queries IPCC's $38.4 Trillion Ransom Note

'Who Drew It?' Trump Queries IPCC's $38.4 Trillion Ransom Note

At the beginning of the week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented the world with a $38.4 trillion ransom note: pay us da money or Gaia gets it.

(That sum, by the way, is how much the IPCC insists the world must spend – $2.4 trillion per year over the next 16 years – if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.

If you believe the Washington Post, the IPCC report was the work of “ninety-one leading scientists from 40 countries who together examined more than 6,000 scientific studies.”

But as Dennis Ambler notes in the damning special report below, very few of the people who compiled the IPCC’s latest Summary for Policymakers could properly be described as climate scientists.

Would you spend $38.4 trillion of your money on the say-so of this rogues’ gallery of climate activists?

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