Why a Desperate CNN Used 'Trillion' in a Mueller Headline

Why a Desperate CNN Used 'Trillion' in a Mueller Headline

Far-left CNN is facing withering and justified ridicule over a silly and desperate headline that says, “Mueller’s office collected more than a trillion bytes of data related to the indicted Russian individuals and companies.”

Some examples of other recent headlines that scream and scream and scream while saying absolutely nothing:

Even if the FBI is investigating, Cohen wheedling $150,000 out of an ally for consulting purposes is not illegal.

The leaker likely feels the walls closing in and hopes to use the media to make his criminal behavior look noble as opposed to what it really is: a felony, partisan, and a violation of an American’s civil rights.

The “bombshells” being released by an increasingly frantic Deep State through their increasingly frustrated allies in the media are becoming so incoherent and dumb they remind me of a four-year-old grasping for another excuse to stay up past bedtime: “But-but-but there are a trillion bytes under my bed and I’m thirsty.”

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